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The Friendship Force of the Sunshine Coast

Official club name: The Friendship Force of the Sunshine Coast Inc.

Closest major airports:

International: Brisbane

Domestic: Brisbane                             

Local Domestic: Sunshine Coast Airport ( MCY )

PREFERRED airport is Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore. ( MCY ) There are daily direct flights with Virgin Blue or Jetstar from Sydney and Melbourne.
There are no flights between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.
If arriving in Sydney or Melbourne it is cheaper and quicker to fly from these airports to the Sunshine Coast airport instead of flying to Brisbane and then travelling by bus to the Sunshine Coast.
The cost of the 1.5 hour bus trip between Brisbane airport and our city is approximately AU$35 per person each way, based on 20 people.
If Hosts meet Ambassadors at the Maroochydore airport, there is no charge. The drive to Hosts’ homes is around 20 to 30 minutes.
The maximum number of Ambassadors our club can host: 30

About the club: Our club was founded in 1989 and chartered in 1991. We have a membership of close to 100 most of whom are retired or semi-retired and are generally very active within the club.
Our club hosted the Australian Conference in 2002.
We like to experience three inbound and up to two outbound exchanges each year.

About the region: The Sunshine Coast is a sub-tropical area in South East Queensland with a population of over 300,000. The average maximum temperature from December to February is 28 – 30°C while the minimum is 20°C. Our climate is tempered in summer with sea breezes. In winter, June to August, the temperatures range from a maximum of 23°C to a minimum of 10°C. The winter is our dry period with most of our rain being experienced in January and February.
We have 42 kilometres of beautiful coastline, sandy beaches and an unlimited tree covered mountainous hinterland to explore. Our area grows sugar cane, bananas, ginger, pineapples, avocados, macadamia nuts (native to this area) and many other exotic fruits and vegetables. Casual dress, such as light tops, shorts and sandals is the norm. This complements our informal life style.
Best time to visit: March to November.
December, January and February can be very hot, humid and wet.
About the exchanges: We have a welcome function for our Ambassadors on arrival and some exchanges have a Civic welcome from the Mayor. We have a week of planned group activities which usually includes activities on our rivers and beaches as well as visiting our lush semi tropical rainforest areas. Most Ambassadors enjoy some free time so Hosts and Ambassadors can get to know each other. We also involve Co-hosts so the Ambassadors can experience other homes and have the opportunity to make more wonderful friendships. The Exchange frequently concludes with a Club Farewell Dinner before our new friends depart on their way home or to make new friends at another Friendship Force Experience.



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