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International Inbound Current

  • In-bound Exchanges are the lifeblood of our organization. If we cannot host we should not travel as an Ambassador.
  • Hosting gives the opportunity to make lifelong friends and to show off our wonderful region. It also offers the opportunity for family members and friends to take part  and meet your guests. Most visitors are only too pleased to meet family and friends. This gives everyone the chance to experience other cultures and values.
  • If you are unable to host for a particulr Exchange you may be able to co-host or dinner host. Notwithstanding make sure that you take part in as many activities associated with the exchange as possible.
  • Inbound Exchanges to our Club so far agreed are listed below.


All Indonesia
October 7th-14th  ED Jean Ledwidge
Exchange Number: 13322     Departure Date: October 2017  
Ambassadors from Solo, Surabaya, and Jogjarkata
Host Club  Sunshine Coast –
Jean Ledwidge 54781369
Lincoln Nebraska, USA
November 5th – 12th  ED Judy Hill
Exchange Number: 13269           Departure Date: November 2017
Host Club  Sunshine Coast –

Judy Hill 54916117